I’ve done a lot of driving over the years, living in the country means to get anywhere it means a fair amount of driving, and when you live in a country town in this vast country of Australia it means big distances between most things. But until recently I haven’t done many of these drives with two young kids and never for the distance we did this time.

We decided to spend Christmas last year back on the farm, which is a LONG way from where we live. 1,843km to be exact. So along with planning on what to pack, get the house ready for our house sitter, get all the Christmas presents hidden I made sure that I had all the tools I would need to help get us through not only the driving part of the trip but the time away itself. So out came my oils and roller bottles, diffusers, and books. I had it all, I wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

I had roller bottles for both girls for: digestive support, sleep support, respiratory support, IMMUNE SUPPORT (that’s a big one for me) any cases of cuts and scrapes, insect bites, ear discomfort, you name it I was determined to be prepared.

We loaded the car soon as we were up and fled the next morning, it was full and there was a lot of my oil stuff in there, not only for us, but I was going to be working on the trip as well, so heaps had to come. But Phil managed to make it all fit. Not long into the journey, I needed my precious rollers. Miss D started complaining that she had to keep scratching, “everywhere, all over my body, Mum” turns out she had some little bites that were driving her nuts. So out came her “itchy oil” as she calls it. Ahh, Silence.

Little Miss A only sleeps for 40 minutes at a time in the car and for someone that normally sleeps 2- 2 ½ hours during the day she is not happy when she wakes up, so out comes her calming and balancing blend which contains Lavender Peace, Frankincense and Balance. Phew! glad I had that one on hand or we all could have been bawling on day one!

We got to our first stop and everything was great, had a swim, had some tea and got everyone settled into bed. The night went well but when I went to check on Miss A early the next morning there was a horrible smell in her room, I looked closer into her cot and saw she had spewed everywhere, all over herself, the bedding and the cot. Straight away we took her into the shower and cleaned her up, put the bedding and clothes through the wash and cleaned up the cot. Next point of call was our oils. I massaged DigestZen onto her tummy to help support her little tummy and digestive system, her immune roller onto her feet to help her immune system and On Guard over EVERYTHING. I also hit the rest of us with OnGuard and the rest of our immune supporting oils. The car smelt awesome. Her tummy held strong for the rest of the trip, unfortunately for the rest of us except for Phil we all had our turn, but like Abi, I used our oils to help support our bodies to do its thing and we all survived it, unfortunately for others who caught it from us and didn’t have the same support it was a little nastier for them. Sorry folks!!! Merry Christmas. Whoops.

A little further into our journey and lots of people, placed and relos’ later Miss A got the sniffles so I added the Immune support oils On Guard and Frankincense and Arborvitae in her diffuser along with some Easy Air and Eucalyptus to help her respiratory system. It made such a difference to the quality of her sleep during the night.

With many different places to stay, different rooms and beds on many different nights the girls and myself were starting to tire and become a little emotionally out of whack AND we came up with the extremely fantastic idea to extend the trip by another 3 weeks. CRAZY (don’t get me wrong we had a fantastic time, but it was long.) My Mummy Calm roller blend was very well used and was reached for often, usually while someone else was having a meltdown at the same time.

Our eldest started not wanting to sleep by herself and continued to come sleep with me during the night. In the end, we knew it was going to happen, so she just went to sleep in my bed. It was easier and when you are on your own with two young kids far from home you do what works right. She became quite emotional, crying at little things and wanting to be with me all the time. Saying she didn’t want to sleep by herself as she was scared. She would settle straight to sleep knowing that she wouldn’t be sleeping alone.

By the time we got back home, we were all exhausted and glad to be back in our own beds and no longer living out of suitcases. The sleep and emotional situation continued after we got back home, so I looked for the oils to help reassure her we were home in our own house, in our own beds, the ones I reached for were the usual and although they seemed to help it wasn’t quite the right combination yet, so I took to my books and found Myrrh, the oil of the Mother-Child Bond. The first night I put that oil in her diffuser she settled quickly and slept in her own bed the whole night and the days got better too. She now calls her nighttime diffuser blend her “special magic potion” and asks me every night if I’ve put it in her diffuser. Believe me, I won’t forget that. I’m one of those mums who fortunately had very good sleepers with both our kids so when they have a bad night I’m just not up for it.


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