The other day I was at my computer getting some documents done, setting up some information presentations when my eldest came in.

Dani: Mum are you working?

Me: Yes darling, why’s that?

Dani: You are working lots.

Me: Yes, you know how when Dad leaves everyday he goes to work, well mummy is working too.  I just do it from home so I can be with you and Abi. I like that I can be home with you and Abi but I still need to work.

Dani: Oh when you work are you helping people use oils like we do?

Me: Yes, baby I am.

Dani: Oh that’s good because I love our oils.


I love the fact that my kids are understanding and love our oils like I do, I want them to understand that they can help support people both physically and emotionally.

Often they catch me off guard and I don’t know why because they are surrounded by it everyday. Using the oils around our house and in our everyday life is natural and part of our routine.

I was dressing my bub the other day and I got one of her rollers out and straight away she lifted her foot towards me. She knew what I was doing and she loves it.

Then last week Dani came to me saying her tummy was sore, and she wanted some oils please. I grabbed my FCO, blending bowl and my two favourite oils for her tummy discomfort. DigestZen and Ginger, this combo seems to work for her. After making the blend up in my bowl I got her to lay down and lift her shirt a little, I started massaging the blend onto her abdomen gently in a clockwise direction. She started giggling saying that it tickled. This brought our 17mth old Abi into the room. She started trying to climb on me grizzling and went so far as to chuck a little tantrum. I’m guessing because she thought I wasn’t playing with her. So, I told her to lay down and show me her tummy. She promptly parked her butt down and showed me her tummy. I said no darling you need to lay down. So, she flopped back and again showed me her tummy. I started massaging her tummy too and she started laughing. I now had two kids spread starfish on the floor with their shirts up waiting for me to put oils on their tummy’s. I tell you it was a sight and it melted my heart. For the next few days every time I went to my oil box for something Abi came toddling in with her shirt already up. I just had to laugh. She even grabbed her sister’s Immune roller took it to her Dad handed it over and promptly lifted her shirt to show him her tummy… he just shakes his head now because he knows how much I believe in these oils and believe in what I’m doing and has even started requesting them for himself. Winning!


What’s Your Essential Oil Story?

I would love to hear other stories on how your family have come around or show how much they love your oils. Do your kids show you their tummies? Does your Dad tell everyone who will listen how they have changed his life? Do your kids say to people they don’t even know, “hey my mum has oils we use that help us, do you need some?” Share as much detail as you’d like in your comment. I know I for one would love to hear others’ stories.

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