Well you might already know by now the start of my journey with Essential Oils. if you don’t, it’s on my webpage so feel free to check it out. I’ll summarise it here so you know what I’m on about.

Once upon a time…

I was brought up on a farm where most of what we ate and drank we grew or made ourselves, and if we didn’t have something we traded with other local farmers. I was shocked once I left the farm at the difference in the taste of food. I have, to a small degree, been one to go for the more natural option over the products loaded with synthetics and chemicals. But once I had children I became a lot more aware and started looking for healthier, natural options. Especially for my children.

In my search for these alternatives I stumbled across Essential Oils. I’ve always used the common ones we were brought up on – Tea Tree, Eucalyptus to name a few but didn’t really understand the importance and true depth to their qualities and uses. One time my daughter was unwell and I had tried everything and she still was getting no relief. I put the question out there for ideas and someone suggested a diffuser and essential oils. I found some and started diffusing straight away in her room and finally she had some relief and was able to get some rest.

I started looking more into it and dabbled more and more here and there. Started making some of my own home made products, nothing to brag about just a few things here and there.

That was until I had my second daughter. Poor little mite was so uncomfortable with an upset tummy, partly due to the fact I was on multiple scripts of high dosage antibiotics when pregnant. Nothing seemed to help ease her discomfort. Then when my Dad and Step mum visited she asked if I wanted to try some of the essential oils she was using. Of course I was willing to try. We looked up the recommended oils and massaged them on her tummy. Again relief.

I was hooked. Where do I sign up?  Where can I get some of these for myself?

And so started my love for doTERRA.

The Ever After…

Ever since then I have researched and experimented and my house is almost completely chemical free. And one day it will be. Seriously, I was shocked and disgusted at what I found was in our everyday products and what those chemicals were doing to our body. I make my own cleaning spray, foaming hand wash and washing detergent. I’ve replaced all of my skin and body care products with the doTERRA products. And I now use doTERRA’s amazing 100% Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils to help support my family in a much healthier and more natural way.

I love when cleaning my house, I don’t have to wear a mask.  There is no chemical smell left over.  I actually love walking around my house after I have dusted with my all purpose spray because everything just smells clean and fresh. Dani often asks what that nice smell is.

How doTERRA Changed My Life

I started with just “Living the doTERRA life” just buying the oils and products for myself.  But I quickly found that I loved sharing and helping others discover the benefits of essential oils so I naturally became a “sharer”.  My love and belief in these oils and other products was so big that I wanted to share my love and what I was learning with everyone I came across.

One day, when it looked like I would need to go back to work something I wasn’t quite ready to do I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself and realised “Hey I was doing something I loved, why not put myself out there and make it my business?” I ummed and ahhhed about it, my thoughts went from “I can do this”, dropping quickly to “No I can’t, what am I thinking? I know nothing about starting a business.” Swinging back up to “Why can’t I, others do” I finally decided only I could make it happen or not so I went to my husband Phil and told him what I wanted to do.  I told him how scared I was but that I also thought I really could do this, I just needed to take the first steps. He asked what I thought I would need and we sat for ages and talked about it, what it would entail, money to outlay, time I would need to put in. And so I became a “builder”. One day I was feeling down as things weren’t going as I planned I felt people were waiting for me to fail, thinking it was a whim for me, I was scared of putting myself out there, worried about what they would think and say. Things like “what does she think she’s doing?” “does she seriously think she can build a business so she doesn’t have to go back into work.” These things bashed around in my head and gave me sleepless nights.  Until one day I said, “you know what, this IS my work, this IS my business, I believe in it, I believe in myself, and if others didn’t then that was not on me.” So I started putting myself out there. Positing on local business pages, buy sell swap pages and everywhere I could. Still scared out of my mind that what if I failed. I started looking at my WHY, why did I want to do this? It started out as one why and now it’s many and it evolves everyday.

Why? Because I want a healthier, more natural life and options for me and my family.

Why? Because I love the oils and products and believe in what they can do.

Why? Because I want to share and educate others that they too can live a more toxic-free lifestyle.

Why? Because I want to build a business, something I have always wanted to do.

Why? Because I want financial freedom for me and my family, I would love for my husband to not have to work so hard.

Why? Because I want to show my daughters they can be and do anything they want to because I did. I want to set an example to them that there are no limits.

Why? Because no one can make me feel like I can’t do something except for myself

Why? Because now I have a determination and belief in myself that I will do this.

I still have hiccups, I was debating on having to spend quite a bit of money on something to help support my business and move it in the direction I felt I needed to go, I was finding it hard to justify the spend. I talked to Phil about it and he said, “is this the way you want to go?” YES “Do you think it will work and will be worth it?” YES “Why?” I went on to explain all the reasons and he said. “Seems as though you have answered your own questions. Look, businesses succeed and fail every day but you will never know which one yours is until you try.” So I moved forward with it.

I now have my own company and I continue to learn and grow within myself and share my love and growing knowledge of the truly amazing benefits of essential oils with everyone who will listen. I help other people like myself who are sitting on the fence, undecided if they could make it their business to take that step forward and try.


Take that Step

So now that you’ve heard my story, I’d love to know…

Are you ready to start your own journey and change your life using Essential Oils to support you and your family? Are you ready to join my amazing team of friendly caring people who love the products as much as I do?

Did anything I say about being scared to take that step and build a business make you think hey that’s me, that’s exactly how I feel? Or have you been there yourself and would like to share how you got through it?

Share as much detail as you’d like in your comment. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

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