Seriously when I first started using doTERRA Essential Oils I never thought there would be a difference in the use for men and women, I suppose that comes from my lack of knowledge. As I’ve learnt more and shared more, speaking with various people, mums, young women, older women, teenagers, and men I have found a huge difference. YET in some areas no difference. Confused? Tell me about it. Well most men initially don’t want a bar of it, as my husband called it frou frou smelly crap (not crap as in bad but crap as in stuff).  It used to be he would say “TJ I have this damn _______  ,what do we have, what do I need to do?” And I would say “Hang on, let me go check my book and oils.” The response I got was “yes, dear” with a resigned sigh because he knew I was going to come back with some blend of oils that was going to make him smell.



One day I was in the kitchen and he came in and said, “hey, TJ I have a really sore shoulder. Do you have some oils or something to help ease it?” Holy crap you could have knocked me down with a feather!  Seriously, I had to check if I was dreaming or what was in my glass.  After my initial shock, I quickly ran to my oil box and grabbed my doTERRA Ice Blue Essential Oil and the Ice Blue Rub. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe he came to me.  I know little things right. Anyway, now if he or the kids have something he asks if I have an oil for that. Love it.



Now here’s where it gets confusing, a lot of men are like him, hard to convince but when they do watch out. They don’t want to know all the details just what works. And when it works they will use it over and over again, but it won’t be a big deal it will be just part of the day. Like using any product that works. Hey Lemon works great for getting stains out of or off things, getting glue or wax that’s stuck on a bench off, next thing you know you can’t find your lemon bottle and most of it’s gone. Or they love Lemon or Lime in their beer and instead of your bottle being in your oil box it’s near the beer fridge. Believe me that’s a real reality, I was only reading about this the other day, I could actually picture it. In all seriousness though these men won’t scoff at something that works, if there is some bloke that works with his hands all the time and they are really dry and rough and you can help find something that helps ease that and it works he will use it and tell all his mates about it. At the pub someone would be going on about all these itchy bites they have, one of his mates pipes up “Hey mate seriously I put Peppermint and Lavender on some whoppers I had the other day, and no word of a lie it worked!”


The other side is the men that want to learn more and start looking into it and trying the oils for different things and next thing you know they have taken over your oils and running with it. What more could you ask for? They look up what oils are recommended for something, then research the individual oils to find a combo and then start trying different blends to find one they are happy with (which is what I do).  I also find that men will tend to go more for the earthy woody scents than the softer floral ones. And these ones work for them. Which is great because when used as a cologne, they work amazing and are a nice alterative to the sickly sweet chemical laden ones. I mean a lot of men like playing sport in some form or another, like us women, and they are always going on about how much they are paying for it afterwards for some reason or another and let’s be honest for all of us as we get older those complaints are voiced more and more often. I love the Ice Blue Rub to help me in these circumstances but I admit I don’t reach for it as often as the man in my life would. And when I think about it growing up we would go to the footy and you would walk past the club rooms and all you could smell was Dencor Rub or Deep Heat as the team ran out on the field you got a massive whiff of it as they ran past but I can’t remember EVER going into the ladies’ toilets at a netball or basketball game and they were all oiled up and smelling like that.  Easy to use, it works like a charm and smells great.

I was talking about the oils and men the other day with a friend of mine and he was telling me his story and how doTERRA Essential Oils has changed his life so I asked him if he would tell his story for me on my blog. So watch this space for that blog it will be one not to miss. If there is a man in your life who is like yeah yeah yeah or even one that some of these things sound like something he may need or find interesting then make sure you watch out for this one and show him.


Essential Oils are for EVERYONE

So now that you know that oils are for EVERYONE I’d love to know, do you know someone in your life that could benefit from them, is there a man somewhere around you that is holding out on believing? But you KNOW that they will love them if they give them a try. Or are you one of those men I mentioned. How about take a chance and give it a try?  Please leave your comment below.

I have heard so many times how someone will scoff at it but then become one of the biggest advocates for it. Not only can they help physically but emotionally as well. Not to mention there are some amazing combinations of oils you can put together that smell devine. Seriously fellas I LOVE some of these earthy musky scents. They are enough to make any woman sit up and take a whiff.

Share as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable. Heaps of amazing people come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else.

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