People often ask me what I diffuse in my girl’s rooms at night time or how I know what to diffuse around the house.

Well there is no one answer to this. I use what oils are needed at the time.

For example, we had some late nights in a row with big days. Our eldest Miss 4 (Miss D) generally has no problem getting to sleep or sleeping through the night but when she is over tired she is emotional. And EVERYTHING is a big deal. I mean she burst into tears and I had no idea why, and it was because the pasta she had for tea wasn’t staying on her fork. I seriously I thought she had really hurt herself the way she was going on. So that night in her diffuser went Bergamont, Balance, Wild Orange, Frankincense and Juniper Berry – Juniper Berry works a treat for her, I know when she’s this tired it usually ends up with her waking up with a bad dream due to over wraught emotions. These are her go to oils for these exact moments. All of these oils support relaxation, sleep and emotional balance.

Miss 18 mths (Miss A) often has On Guard, Lavender Peace and Easy Air going. Lately I’ve been using Cedarwood, Lavender, Frankincense and Copaiba. And it is an awesome blend. When I think she needs something extra I pop Vetiver in, otherwise known as Liquid Gold. Yet Miss 4 tends to lean more to the citrus oils like Wild Orange and Bergamont for her night time blend. I have Easy Air in both their diffusers because it helps support their respiratory system during sleep which generally gives them a better night’s rest.

When either is starting to appear as if they are unwell then straight away I pop On Guard and Frankincense with Easy Air in their diffusers to get on the front foot in supporting their immune systems.

Everyone has oils that work better for them than others and everyone has different needs for their oils.

The biggest thing is not to feel like this oil or blend should work for you because it worked for someone else. If a blend doesn’t work for you have a look in the books for other oils that support the same thing and give them a try (I use the Modern Essentials and The Essential Life books, they are both fantastic). Follow other people on Facebook and see what they have used. Check out Pinterest. There are so many options on where to go to find what others have used if you aren’t sure yourself. With all these options there isn’t a reason to give up because one thing didn’t work.

Another way of finding what works is by experimenting with different oils, or just having a smell of each oil and seeing how it makes you feel. Often when Miss 4 (Miss D) is feeling a little off for what ever reason usually with some sort of emotion, I will get her to come and smell some different oils and choose the one or ones she wants to use. More often than not it’s the ones she needs because she is drawn to how they make her feel when she is trying them. That’s how I found out she leaned more to the Citrus Oils for her support.The books really are an amazing resource. Because it changes daily what I use in the diffusers both in their rooms and the ones in our house in general. Sometimes you just want a clean, fresh uplifting feeling so I will put Citrus Bliss, Balance and Purify in the main one. Another day we may be all a little under the weather and I will put On Guard, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemon and Easy Air in there to support our immune system. When it really hits then Oregano is added and Arborvitae. I know that these oils help us immensely during these times. Our bodies tend to recover a little more quickly from having our immune system compromised. Other times you may be feeling flat and need a little something to make you get up and moving so throw some Motivate in or Cheer.

Have fun, experiment

Not only will your house always smell nice you will be giving your body the support it needs no matter what reason, at the same time. I love when I get a delivery and our amazing delivery lady comments that whenever I open the door she gets an amazing whiff of something or other. She says she loves coming to the door to see what it is each time. Can’t complain about that.

Watch the video below for more details:


I post regularly what diffuser blends I use so check out my Facebook page and you will find heaps in there.

Please feel free to ask me any questions on what I use and how I use them I am always up for a chat. And I absolutely LOVE helping people find natural solutions for their health through the use of these oils, that is why I started sharing my oils because I want everyone to have the chance to fall in love with them as I did. Helping people find these solutions is my absolute passion it’s what has me up in the early hours of the morning working while the kids are still sleeping. It’s why I love talking about them to anyone who will listen, because I want them to experience the same change it has had in my life.

Check out my Facebook page and if you want these amazing oils I can show you how to get started.


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